This blog is devoted to aging – not a popular subject right now, but if we are lucky we will get there. This blog wants to make the “There” the kind of place that we will look forward to and when we get “There “enjoy meaningful creative years.

I first fell in love with and older person when I was three – I didn’t know he was a ”senior” I just knew him as Nandad. I remember him clearly, working in his wood shop while I turned the long wood shaving into curls worthy of a princess. He gave me a garden with flowering plants to watch come into bloom . These I think were also to divert me from digging up the seeds I planted to see if they had grown in the night. My first life lesson “Good things take time to grow!”

There were other important lessons like if you give stuffed animals a bath you will also have to give them a few days to recover.

A year later my family moved thousands of miles away from my Grandparents in England to live on the edge of the South American jungle where my Dad was introducing big machines to improve sugar production. There were other lessons there – to do with snakes, piranha and large insects. That was when I started adopting grandparents as it was clear to me that they added an important element to my life.

Many years later in San Francisco I noticed that Grandparents were not as plentiful in everyday life as they had been in Guyana. Nobody I knew seemed to have members of the older generation involved in their lives. I was puzzled and, even more so, when the husband of one of my friends threw her a wake to celebrate her 30th birthday. I just didn’t get it!

As chance would have it, an internship for my Master’s program took me to the Adult Day Health Center at Mount Zion Hospital  and I fell in love all over again. I liked being called “Hey Limey” by the WW2 veterans; I liked discovering that an almost mute stroke-patient had the most beautiful paintings waiting to be expressed – and I loved the stories. My daughters adopted grandparents from the people they tap-danced for or read stories to when they visited work. And we always seemed to have family friends that were 20 years older than me.

35 years later I am still working in the field, and am still as passionate and excited about the possibilities as I was then – and there are stories.. almost every working day.

This blog is for those who share my passion for this work.

It is also a place where those who want to make aging a normal enjoyable part of the life span, can discuss, compare notes and collaborate on designing our road maps for aging.



Why write this blog?

1. To share information about being a professional in the field of Arts and Aging;

2. To open a conversation on how we want our own aging to be and to connect with like minded people. 


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