Purpose, Meaning, values and vision

Purpose – the reason for being and how it guides our lives.

Regardless of our adult age, it seems to me that being clear about our purpose is important for everyone and to understand that what we see as our purpose is a reflection of our core values. There are useful lists of values on the Internet that provide a beginning step to this task. I find it easier to adapt and change the wheel rather than invent it and Google has been a great help.

The terms “core values” and “family values” get tossed around quite a bit, with – it seems to me – little opportunity for individuals to consider their own values, let alone articulate them. So we often go along with a group, thinking that our values are all in alignment because we don’t really understand what the words mean either to them or to us.

Perhaps now at the beginning of a new year some of us can begin to excavate the values that drive our attitudes and behaviors and see how they connect with the vision and purpose we think we have. I suspect that clarity will help us in our aims to live happily and work with pleasure and satisfaction..

It helps me also to see how others do this and so I have been talking to different people about what brings meaning to their lives and what they see as their purpose.

More to come

One thought on “Purpose, Meaning, values and vision

  1. Maureen, You’ve presented us with remarkable women whose creativity and purpose is not diminishing as they age. I include you as one of these women. The connections you make and maintain, your voice, and the images you’ve included of these women, are shared with all of us. I thank you for the inspiration these women give to us all.
    I wish I could put my feet back on the path of creativity. My succulent garden is as close as I get. It feels so good to dig into the soil, place the plants and watch them grow.
    Thank you dear friend.
    Love, Beth.


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